Foxpro, Coldfusion File Read Error

I’m right in the middle of final testing for my UPSConnect/Coldfusion app and I started  to see a bunch of errors popping up in my logs and my app stopped working.

The specific error was

[ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Error reading file

Hmm. I verified that the remote folder was accessible and the datasource verified in CFAdmin. Still no go.  Couldn’t even perform a simple select on any of the dbf files

One thing is different today is I’m testing after UPS End of Day procedure has been run. This procedure “archives” the days shipments by copying them into new tables and emptying the working tables.  So I thought maybe there might be an issue with the driver accessing empty tables (although I was 99.9% sure that I had selected on empty table before)

Then I had a thought.  Uncheck good old ” Maintain connections across client requests”  in CFadmin>Datasources>Advanced Settings

Sure enough, that fixed the problem. I can select on my tables again.

Now I’m not sure -why- my datasource would work for 2 months with this setting enabled and then -not- but at least it’s working.


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