Adding a Twitter Feed To Your Site

With CF8 and the cffeed it’s easy to add a feed of your tweets to your site. I’ve found this is a really good way of getting followers on Twitter. I’ve used cfpod and cffeed below

I like to style my cfpod’s but IE (at least to IE7 and as per usual)  has “issues” so i just do a browser sniff and use a couple of variables to make the pod look the same in all browsers

<CFIF FindNoCase("msie", CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT, "1")>
 <CFSET podstyle = "color:##000000;text-align:center">
 <CFSET podHT = "75">
 <CFSET podstyle = "color:##FFFFCC;background-color:##6699CC;text-align:center">
 <CFSET podHT = "65">
 <cfpod headerStyle="#podStyle#"   name="twitpod" height="#podHT#" width="290" title="Me On Twitter - Latest">
 <div style="font-weight:normal;">
 <cfset feedurl=" -@yourTwitterName" />
 <cffeed source="#feedurl#" properties="feedmeta" query="feeditems" />
 <cfoutput query="feeditems" maxrows="1">
 <span style="font-size:.7em;margin-top:-5px;">
 #dateformat(listfirst(feeditems.publisheddate,"T"), "mm/dd/yy :hh:mm")#
 <span style="font-size:.8em;">
 #REReplaceNoCase(feeditems.Content, "<[^>]*>", "", "All")#<br>
 <a href = "" style="text-decoration:underline;" target="_blank">Subscribe To My Twitter Feed</a>

My twitter account is a corporate presence so I don’t want other people’s tweets showing on my site.  If you were just to set your feed url to

you would get all hits for yourTwitterName, even those posts from others who are @replying to you.  This might not be an issue for some I want to make sure only -my- tweets show up in the feed. Just add


to the search.atom criteria and this will exclude any @yourTwitterName search results

One other thing you may notice is that I’ve added a html stripping rereplace funciton.

#REReplaceNoCase(feeditems.Content, “<[^>]*>”, “”, “All”)#

This is a good idea for feeds and any source for which you have no control over. I don’t want visitors to my site to have any issues with potential attacks propagated through Twitter (or any other service). We’ve already seen a couple of Twitter “worms” and I don’t need a potential XSS vulnerability introduced on my site. (paranoid..yes but that’s a -good- thing)


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